Story of Ocean Spa

Everything nature created to relax you, we Repackaged and called it Ocean Spa

Everywhere around the BVI, there are such vivid reminders of that Wednesday 6 September of what Hurricane Irma left in her wake. However, we are making a comeback. Its quite evident as we see some new structures are going up, new roofs are going on, new windows and doors being installed.
There are also those persons that turned those negatives into positives, with the determination to move ahead with the tenacity of a trailblazer, revolutionizing their field. One such company is Ocean Spa, located on White Bay in JVD takes the cake. This company has revolutionized the spa industry in the BVI and maybe the Caribbean, with it unique concept. Out of a dream, goal and a passion for the environment, Ocean Spa as the name conjures up was created. The BVI’s and maybe the Caribbean’s first floating spa of its kind. We can summise it by saying, that this spa encompasses everything in nature that is designed to relax you. From the gentle sway of the water that rocks you as if in loving arms, the fresh therapeutic sea breezes that awaken the senses and cleanses the lungs, the tranquilizing oceanic sounds, to observing the marine life below as you lay face down on the massage table looking through the portholes below. This unique spa has been built almost entirely of salvage materials collected from around the BVI following the passage of Hurricane Irma, last September 6 of 2017.


The journey hasn’t been easy as this is the third attempt for Ocean Spa. The first was created in 2009 on another Caribbean Island. Before it was completed, the owner relocated briefly to return to a vandalized structure. The second Ocean Spa was rebuilt in the BVI and completely destroyed by Hurricane Irma. Not one to give up easily on a love and passion. Ocean Spa was rebuilt, the third time. All the necessary metals and pontoons were imported, however the majority of the structure was salvaged from around the BVI. The salvaging was the emotional part, especially coming across childrens’ toys and clothing among the broken lumber and mangled metal roofing. All came flashing back of what we endured that day during the hurricane and days to follow. There is even a piece of galvanize stuck in a tree for all to see the effects of Hurricane Irma. A wooden gate has been converted to wooden benches. A closet door, with the scribbles of a child is also there.


As to what the deeper purpose of Ocean Spa?Its to remind all that there is peace in simple living. And don’t be so quick to get rid of the old, they can be our source of comfort. Embrace the healing powers of nature. Take time to relax and reflect.”……Come on board and enjoy a glass of refreshing lemonade and rum cake……it sure sounds like home.



Ocean Spa is open every day from 9am to 5pm. They also extend their hours to accommodate sunset and moonlight massages by appointments.

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