Pai Gow Poker Casino Card Games: the Strategy & Things to Avoid

Pai Gow poker casino card games combining the principles of Chinese dominoes and classic poker rules!

Pai Gow poker game is a card game where poker players, using seven cards, try to collect two combinations of five and two cards, which in terms of poker rating will turn out to be stronger than that of the opponent. Pai Gow poker casino card games borrowed part of the general game principle from the Chinese game Pai Gow, as Chinese dominoes are used for the game. Pai Gow Poker invented Fred Wolf in the USA in the early 80s of the XX century. It quickly became in demand. Fred Wolf holds a patent for this and several other games of gambling clubs.

Pai Gow Poker Casino Card Games: the Things to Avoid

Any players, even pros, cannot win stably, and short-term or protracted series of losses in Pai Gow Poker online occur. Many beginners are upset, lose interest in poker, and abandon the game, having played just one day unsuccessfully. Experienced poker players often experience a much longer series of losses without problems, because they know that if they use a competent strategy, they will remain in the black for a long distance.

  • There is a misstep that newbies make in Pai Gow poker casino card games, and which is very dangerous, is gambling at too high limits, higher than the skill of the players. That is why they are to start with the most inexpensive limits. They are NL3 (supreme BI – $ 3) or NL5 (supreme BI – $ 5);
  • The improper bankroll will destroy the game initially. For Pai Gow cash games, they should have at least 20 BI for any limit. Actually, it would be better to have 60 BI;
  • While talking about the limit of NL3, then they will need at least $ 70 to start the gambling session. But is participants are intend to play NL5, then they must have $ 160 to start the session.

The most important secrets of poker lurk in mathematical calculations, which many beginners are afraid of. Some novice players do not so much know the math as they neglect it in the game. It is not surprising since it often forces one to make risky decisions, which many poker players who do not understand what statistics can consider unjustified. The mathematical secret to success in Pai Gow poker casino table games is simple – if the decision is profitable, participants need to make it, and vice versa. For example, if players have to risk $ 100 to win $ 1000 and at the same time they have a 20% chance of winning, they should take a chance, because for ten attempts, according to statistics, they will be in the black. If the chances were only 10% or lower, the situation would become more like a lottery, and the risk would become unjustified.

The Winning Strategy Concerning Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow poker casino card games involve a standard English (despite its Asian origin) deck of 52 cards with a joker or a bug. To win the players should:

  • If participants in Pai Gow poker casino card games do not have a pair, Straight or Flush, they should play the most high-priced card with their essential hand (a combination of five cards) and the next two powerful cards in the most junior (a combination of two cards);
  • The two pairs where the top pair are Aces are separated. Players should separate two pairs in which the top pair is kings, except when the other pair is twos, then play together and play the top two remaining cards in the weakest hand;
  • Otherwise, they must use the rules of two pairs. Two pairs: sixes and below, they must separate if they do not have an ace, then play with the ace and the next most powerful card in the lowest hand. Two pairs: from 7 to 10, they must split, if they do not have an ace, then play with the ace and the next most powerful card in the lowest hand. Two pairs: Jack Aces, split – obviously, with the most precious pair in the most eminent hand.

Players should always share a pair with the lowest hand if they also do not have a second pair. Then they are to play the most powerful of the two pairs in the lowest hand.

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