Pai Gow poker rules – Master the rules of how to play the game

Pai Gow poker rules – The rules are quite easy

The game is known for the slow pace of the game and the large number of shocks resulting in a low-risk game. It is simple and obvious to play, and it’s easy to find out the right strategy for the game. Each player plays against the same dealer hand.

How to play the game?

Pai Gow poker appeared in American casinos recently and immediately gained popularity. What is the main way to learn Pai Gow poker rules?

Full guide on how to play pai gow poker.

Players play the game at a semicircular gambling table, where you can see the inscription “Pai Gow Poker” and the image of an oriental dragon. At the beginning of the game, the dealer plays for the bank, then each of the players periodically becomes a banker. Once the players have set their bets, the dealer deals 7 cards to each player and himself. Players and the dealer split their cards into two hands into 5 and 2 cards. Then the cards are revealed and compared. Players win, if their card combinations are older than the banker’s card combinations. Also, the players must use special bonus offers. So what about Pai Gow poker rules? Where to begin if you are playing for the first time?

The game is played with a regular poker deck, in which there is one joker, in total there are 53 cards in the deck. In Pai Gow poker, the joker can only be used to make straight, flush, straight flush and royal flush, where it replaces any necessary card. If there are no such combinations, then the joker acts in an ace. On the lower hand, the joker is always considered an Ace. These are Pai Gow poker joker rules, and the house of edge starts from 2.5%.

Winning strategies

Playing Pai Gow poker suggests the players the greatest chance ever to enjoy a casino game with a relatively low house edge. In fact, the house edge in Pai Gow Poker rules is just slightly more than that of the much loved casino classic blackjack. Here are the main ways of winning:

  • If you do not have a pair, straight or royal flush, play a high card with your high hand and the next two high cards in your low hand;
  • 2 pairs, where the top pair are Aces, are separated. Divide the 2 pairs, in which the top pair is kings, unless the other pair is deuces, then play together and play the top two remaining cards in the lowest hand;
  • With two pairs, sixes and below, separate if you do not have an ace, then play along with the ace and the next highest card in the lowest hand;
  • With two pairs from 7 to 10, divide if you do not have an ace, then play with the ace and the next highest card in the lowest hand;
  • With 2 pairs, Jack Aces, split – obviously with the highest pair in the highest hand.

Find out all the possible combinations of cards in poker. Learn the rules to play Pai Gow poker and the conservative strategy. It will be easy to win the game, if you know how to play. When playing in a casino, you can always use the dealer’s advice to properly split your cards.

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