Pai Gow Poker strategy – what is necessary to know

Pai Gow Poker strategy – tooling in professional hands

First of all, before studying Pai Gow Poker strategy, it’s necessary to learn the rules of this exciting type of Pai Gow Poker Casino Card Game. As for Australian online casino real money – there’s used a standard deck with 52 cards + Joker or bug. Joker can be used only as an Ace or a final card in Straight or Flush combinations.

Both players and a dealer receive 7 cards, which should be placed in 2 hands (1 – with 5 cards; 2 – with 2 cards). 5 cards hand should have the value higher than the one in the second hand. If player’s hands beat dealer’s combinations, a player wins. It’s natural, that the opposite situation means a win of a dealer. If one hand wins, and the other loses, it’s so-called “push”. And if the combinations are the same in player’s and dealer’s hands, the rules give a win to a dealer.

What is the best simple Pai Gow Poker strategy

There are some advice for players, which can be used as the optimal strategy for Pai Gow Poker. The hints are given below. They can be the most useful ones for Australian gamblers just because the citizens are well-known as the biggest fans of this game.

  • If there’s no even a Pair, it’s better to play the highest card with 5 cards hand, and the next 2 high cards on the smallest hand. This is, probably, the simplest Pai Gow Poker strategy.
  • When there are 2 pairs on the hand, with the highest pair of Aces, it’s necessary to split them. When the top pair is a Pair of Kings the action is the same, with the exception when the second pair is a Pair of Deuces.
  • When two pairs consists of a Pair of Sixes or lower, it’s necessary to split them, but only if there’s no Ace on the hand.
  • If there are 2 big pairs on the hand (from Jacks and higher), it’s the only reasonable variant to split pairs, where a better pair should stay in a 5 cards hand.
  • If a player has 3 pairs, the higher combination should be left in a hand with 2 cards.
  • Full House. In case of getting this combination, a player should split it by moving a pair to the low hand.

There are some other instructions, but the mentioned ones are the most frequently met combinations.

Fortune Pai Gow Poker strategy and its essence

This variety of Pai Gow Poker has one main difference from the basic type. A player has an opportunity to make an additional bet. This chance is given, if a player has already made a basic bet. Besides, if the bet is 5 USD or more (it can be different on gambling sources), there can be a special bonus, called Envy, activated. This Envy bonus is available if any of other players (but not a dealer) have Four of a Kind or higher combination. Below is the table with possible odds when a gambler chooses Fortune Pai Gow Poker.

Bonus/Fortune handPayoutEnvy Bonus in USD
7 card Straight Flush without Joker500:1250
7 card Straight Flush with Joker500:1250
5 Aces250:150
5 of a Kind200:125
Royal Flush100:110
Straight Flush50:15
4 of a Kind25:15
Full House5:1

The above mentioned information will be definitely enough to start own professional carrier in this specific type of Poker.

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